Online Banking - Business Accounts

Online banking (without Cash Management) is a no-fee service that allows you to view all of your accounts. You can see balances, transfer funds to eligible accounts, place stop payments, and view images of checks paid and deposited. After you sign on, it’s an easy way to review your account history, with just a few “clicks.”

Basic Bill Pay

Online banking basic bill pay (online banking without Cash Management) is a no-fee service that allows you to pay all your U.S. domestic bills such as, power, telephone, condominium fees, mortgage payments, insurance premiums, etc. electronically. Whether your payments are due weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually, you will save time and money by paying your bills online.

Convenient, flexible and allows you to save time and money

  • No buying stamps, no writing checks, and no driving to the post office.
  • Schedule payments in advance and never have to worry about missed payments or late fees.
  • Pay your U.S. domiciled bills anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Your payments always arrive on time.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, choose who, how much, and when to pay when it is most convenient for you.
  • Easy to add payees and issue payments.
  • Easy to review pending payments and payment history.
  • Edit or cancel payments anytime before the process date.

eStatements and eDocuments

Help us “go green.” Getting your statements and documents electronically is a no-fee service that provides a fast, secure way for you to receive your statements and documents without having to wait for them to be delivered or worry about them being stolen. You can print them or save them electronically to your computer.

Cash Management Services

Eligible businesses may also enjoy PNB’s Cash Management fee-based services which can be assigned to employees to facilitate their day-to-day duties. We offer:

  • Entitlements – you can assign your employees different responsibility access privileges.
  • Account reconciliation – let our systems perform this task for you.
  • Business bill pay - you can pay your bills and make payroll payments.
  • ACH Origination – you can originate domestic ACH credits and debits and using fraud prevention tools, release them directly to us for processing. For example you can originate net payroll amounts, employee expense reimbursements, or invoice amounts due to you.
  • Positive Pay – let us help you with fraud prevention. You get to see all items being presented for payment each day; if an item does not match the amount you input for payment, you are able to determine if it is a fraudulent item and mark it to be returned.
  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) - you can deposit checks drawn on U.S. Financial Institutions directly into your account without having to leave your office. 
  • Wire Transfers – you can input your domestic wire transfers directly into our system, and using fraud prevention tools, release them directly to us for processing.