Our Mission

At PNB, our mission is to maximize value for all our customers and shareholders by delivering the very best service, as well as business and personal banking solutions.

Dear Customers,

In this fast-paced world where banking has become very impersonal and generic, we are proud to be champions of relationship banking. To us, banking is all about building solid relationships with our customers, as well as going the extra mile to meet your financial objectives. We see ourselves as partners in your success. You could say that we want to deliver a level of service that is not usual...call it banking not as usual.

With trusted banking professionals with a proven track record, as well as experienced in providing an unsurpassed level of service and exceptional banking expertise, PNB strives to understand the needs of our customers and knows what it takes to help take their financial goals and success to the next level.

Helping you realize your maximum financial potential - that is what we are all about. And that is why we are so proud of the quality of service, attention to detail and passion that is put into every banking relationship that is developed with PNB customers.

Thank you for visiting our Website, as well as for your current and future patronage. We hope that you will contact us or stop by one of our locations soon, to learn more about why at PNB, it is banking not as usual.

We are honored to serve you.


Carlos Fernandez-Guzman
Chief Executive Officer
Pacific National Bank