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Pacific National Bank

"How we achieve Customer Love - Our promise to our customers"

  • We recognize that we cannot serve all customers.
  • We strive to solicit only those customers that can be best served by our model.
  • Customer-centrism and the highest level of service is a promise to our customers.
  • We complement service with an array of products and services that align to the Bank's operating strengths and a customer's needs or wants within our niche product/service space.
  • Our branch, website and other distribution points will be welcoming and user friendly. They are designed with the ultimate customer experience in mind.
  • Every possible way a customer can contact us - telephone, website, e-mail, facsimile and personally will be easy to use, intuitive and convenient.
  • Whenever possible, and economically feasible, customer contact experiences will be with a human being.
  • Our customers are able to rely on one main contact to make everything happen for them and every relationship will have a relationship manager.
  • Our customer service is what the customer really wants...it impresses, it wows, it provides a unique and outstanding experience and therefore we will focus on continually improving it.
  • Everything we think, say and/or do must take into consideration the effect on the customer experience - the thing that ultimately affects our value to them.
  • We go beyond handling a customer call efficiently.
  • We focus on addressing all customer issues fully and resolving them completely.
  • We recognize that typically the customer's immediate problem is just the tip of the iceberg and we will strive to find the true nature of the problem in order to resolve it.
  • Customer contact personnel (sales and service) are fully trained to listen carefully and ask follow-up questions - we must be better than the completion at pushing past the presented problem and identifying underlying needs.
  • Rather than stress speed in handling customer interactions, we promote prompt and final problem resolution. We recognize that this results in happier customers.
  • We recognize that customer-centrism is more than telling our staff how to treat a customer right. We commit to providing our staff the authority and tools to decide the right way to treat customers. Our staff is, inasmuch as possible, to decide what to do on the spot and be able to act on it.
  • We understand that it is not just about giving customers what they want, but also about ensuring that we do for them what we can do best.
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